, How much does laser hair removal treatment cost in Hyderabad, Dermiq Clinic

Laser hair removal is a pain free alternative technique for permanent hair reduction. Hair removal methods like waxing, threading are temporary solutions which in turn costs more when done for long periods compared to laser hair reduction which is permanent and very cost-effective in the long term.

Laser Hair Removal Cost In Hyderabad

In an instance, laser hair removal costs range from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 15,000 per session in Hyderabad. This price may vary depending on many variables, such as the colour of the skin, the type of hair, the area of the body to be treated, etc.

To see the difference, it is advised to attend at least six sessions, since only 60 percent of the hair is in the stage of development and can be treated during each session.

Factors Determining the Laser Hair Removal Cost In Hyderabad

Depending on hair texture/color/density, the number of sessions recommended varies from person to person. And, it is understandable that the higher the number of sessions, the greater the expense. Typically, it ranges from 6-8 sessions.

  1. Density of hair: Some people appear to have dense hair growth, so more sessions will be required. This is also caused by the levels of testosterone in the body as well.
  2. Texture of hair: The courser the hair, the more are the sessions required and hence the expense.
  3. Area size: The area size to be handled plays a very important role in considering the cost of removing laser hair, such as the back or full legs, compared to the upper lip region, would be more costly.
  4. Condition of Skin: If you are vulnerable to allergies and have sensitive skin, treatment requires extra precautions and requires experience.
  5. Laser Equipment: The type of laser equipment used in the treatment affects your cost in one way, as described. After a close inspection of your skin type, condition, hair type, and density, it is the dermatologist who selects the appropriate laser system and technology. At Dermiq, we generally use Diode Laser.
    • Diode Laser: This device for hair removal triggers a beam of intense light and heat that focuses on the hair follicles and their melanin. The pigment absorbs the energy of the laser and is damaged, preventing hair growth in the hair follicles treated.
  6. Experience of Dermatologist: At Dermiq, our dermatologists observe the type of hair and advice for the number of sessions required. They also assess the cause for any abnormal hair growth in females and give a one stop solution with holistic approach.

, How much does laser hair removal treatment cost in Hyderabad, Dermiq Clinic

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Why Should You Choose Dermiq For Laser Hair Removal?

At Dermiq, it is assured that the latest technologies are used to conduct the laser hair removal procedure with high-end equipment from the world’s leading laser manufacturers. This equipment is approved by the US FDA and is of the highest standard. With limited side effects, they deliver successful outcomes. In addition, the employees here are highly qualified and are certified to provide you with a remedy for painless hair removal that is cured according to your skin conditions and needs.

How should I get started?

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So this New Year, turn your dream of flaunting the silky, flawless skin into a reality by taking an appointment with Dermiq Clinic for a complete full body hair removal and bid goodbye to unwanted hair, razor and waxing for good.

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