symptoms for tanned skin

What is sunburn and what are the symptoms of tanned skin?

Skin damaged resulting from overexposure to sunlight’s ultraviolet rays. Skin becomes swollen, red, burning and sometimes painful due to sunburn. Symptoms of sunburnt skin include –

  • Redness and tenderness on the affected areas of the skin
  • Small white colours lesions will appear on sun exposed parts
  • Blistering and pain in addition ton swelling

How can sunburn be prevented?

  • Using right amount of sunscreen before heading out and touching up every 3 hours even on a cloudy day can prevent sunburn
  • Keep the skin hydrated and drink ample fluids to prevent dehydration
  • Use correct attire including shades, hats and cotton clothes in extreme sunlight
  • Avoid direct sunlight during peak hours from 10AM to 2PM
symptoms for tanned skin

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What are the treatment options for sunburn and tan?

A range of treatments are given including – topical creams and gels to soothe the itchy and painful skin, steroids may be prescribed by dermatologists to reduce inflammation, chemical peel may be administered in case of tanning and discoloration of skin.

Are home remedies effective in treating sunburn and tan?

Home remedies can aggravate your sunburn and tan causing severe effects on your skin. Natural remedies or old school theories are not just ineffective but also result in worsening of your skin condition. There are no studies or theories which prove any of the home remedy or over-night treatment was ever successful on sunburn and tan. So do not fall prey to these gimmicks and visit an expert to treat your skin effectively.

Why Dermiq for treating sunburn and tan?

Dermiq brings world-class treatments and expert dermatologists to help treat sunburn and suntan effectively. Our sunburn treatments are guided by stringent protocols and we follow highest levels of hygiene and care for our clients. We bring best in class treatments at affordable prices in your city.

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