Dull Skin Treatment

Is your skin looking dull, old, and sad? With our advanced aesthetic treatments, you can restore the radiant, fresh glow of youthful skin with a non-invasive treatment. The condition of your facial skin makes a difference in how others see you. When your face looks bright, fresh, and radiant, you project a more vital, attractive appearance. At Dermiq, we offer a range of effective treatments to restore and rejuvenate tired, dull-looking skin.

What happens during Dull Skin Treatment ?

Your facial skin tells a story about you – and if it looks dull, it makes you look older, tired, and less appealing. Modern aesthetic treatments make it possible to restore a more youthful glow to your skin without the need for surgical intervention. Although every client is different, one of the many facial treatments we offer can create a dramatic improvement in skin color, texture, and natural glow.

What are the Benefits of Dull Skin Treatment?


Smooths Wrinkles and Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines


Breaks up Discoloration and Evens Skin Tone


Tightens Loose Skins


Improves Acne Scars

Frequent Asked Questions

A dull complexion can be a sign of a lack of Vitamin D. Your complexion may appear slightly grey, your skin not as plump or supple as usual, and you may also have darker under eye circles, this is because the skin needs Vitamin D for the skin cells to regenerate properly and remain healthy.

In fact, your skin will regenerate itself approximately every 27 days. Proper skin care is essential to maintaining the health and vitality of this protective organ.

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