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Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Hyderabad

Step into a realm of smoothness and confidence with our Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Hyderabad. We offer a cutting-edge solution to bid farewell to unwanted hair, utilizing advanced laser technology and expertise. Our skilled practitioners at the forefront of dermatological innovation ensure precision and effectiveness, providing a seamless and long-lasting hair removal experience. Strategically located for accessibility, our Hyderabad facility becomes your haven for a hassle-free journey towards hair-free skin. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional methods and embrace the ease and efficiency of our Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Trust us to deliver impeccable results and let your skin experience the freedom and confidence that comes with a hair-free lifestyle.

Best Laser Hair Removal Clinics Near You:

Discover unparalleled laser hair removal solutions at Dermiq, strategically positioned in Jubilee Hills, Kondapur, and Kajaguda. Our clinics serve as beacons of excellence, providing state-of-the-art treatments to rid you of unwanted hair with precision and effectiveness. Dermiq stands as the epitome of advanced skincare, ensuring your journey to smooth, hair-free skin is unparalleled.


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How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair From The Body?

At Dermiq, achieving freedom from unwanted hair is made possible through our state-of-the-art Laser Hair Removal treatments. This proven method ensures the safe and permanent reduction of unwanted hair from various areas of the body. Our expertise, coupled with advanced technology, guarantees a transformative experience tailored to your unique needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal?

Experience the multifaceted benefits of Laser Hair Removal at Dermiq:

  • Precision: Targeting hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin.
  • Speed: Quick treatment sessions designed for large areas.
  • Permanence: Enjoy long-lasting hair reduction.
  • Smooth Skin: Achieve the luxury of smooth, hair-free skin without the inconvenience of regular shaving or waxing. Dermiq’s approach combines effectiveness with comfort.

Why Choose Dermiq Hyderabad?

Dermiq emerges as your unequivocal choice for Laser Hair Removal in Hyderabad. Our seasoned professionals, coupled with advanced technology and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, ensure that you receive results that are not only effective but also safe. Choose Dermiq for a transformative experience in the realm of laser hair removal.

About Our Laser Hair Removal Clinic In Hyderabad:

Discover excellence at Dermiq’s Laser Hair Removal clinics, strategically located in Jubilee Hills, Kondapur, and Kajaguda. Our expert team is devoted to providing top-notch laser hair removal services tailored to meet your specific needs. Dermiq stands as a sanctuary of expertise, ensuring your journey to smooth, hair-free skin is nothing short of exceptional.

Are You An Ideal Candidate For Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal at Dermiq is suitable for most skin types. To ascertain whether you are an ideal candidate, embark on a personalized assessment with our experts. Get your hair analysis done. Our commitment to individualized care ensures that your unique skin characteristics are considered for optimal results.

What Are Your Popular Packages?

Explore Dermiq’s array of popular laser hair removal packages meticulously designed to cater to various needs and budgets. Choose from our range of options to indulge in a customized experience that aligns seamlessly with your preferences. Dermiq ensures that your journey to hair-free skin is not only effective but also personalized to meet your specific requirements.

How To Get Started?

We have clinics in Hyderabad at three convenient locations. You can visit any of our clinics in Kondapur, Jubilee Hills and Khajaguda.

What happens when laser hair reduction treatment is done?


Shaving the target area and applying a cooling gel before the treatment.


The expert shall customize the parameters of the laser beam according to your hair and skin type.


The target area shall then be divided into sections.


The handheld laser device of the USFDA-approved diode laser shall be used over the target area to eliminate the unwanted hair follicles.


The expert shall first do a patch test to check its impact on a small area of your skin. Post assurance of no side effects, the treatment session shall begin.


At the end of the procedure, a cold compress shall be applied o the treated area to ease any discomfort or redness.

What Are The Steps Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment Procedure?


Since LHR is only effective on hair in the growth or anagen phase so the treatment affects 80-85% of the hair at any time.


Some of the targeted hair follicles are completely destroyed.


Very few are partially destroyed and they re-grow as baby hair or very thin hair


Around 5-10% of hair remains unaffected and will need more sessions to be treated

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, laser hair removal is a safe and effective method when performed by trained professionals.

The number of sessions varies based on factors like hair type and the treatment area. Our experts will guide you through a personalized treatment plan.

For accurate pricing information, contact Dermiq directly. Costs vary depending on the treatment area and the number of sessions required.

Factors influencing cost include the treatment area’s size, the number of sessions needed, and individual hair growth patterns. Our team will provide a detailed breakdown during your consultation.

Avoid these activities before laser hair removal to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. Our specialists will provide pre-treatment instructions during your consultation.

Laser hair removal targets multiple hair follicles simultaneously, making it suitable for larger areas. Electrolysis treats individual hair follicles and is typically more time-consuming.

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I highly recommend Dermiq Khajaguda for anyone considering a hair transplantation procedure. Their professionalism, expertise, and exceptional patient care make them stand out in the field of hair restoration. My experience with Dr.Divyasree has been life-changing, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results.

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  • Akanksha Rachala

I have been going there for a few days now and my entire family and I only have good things to say about the place and the people. My doctor was Lakshmi Diva and she helped me a lot and did a great job. The overall experience was great.

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