Botox and Fillers

Botox is well known for treating a vast selection of ageing concerns. At Dermiq we use this non-surgical anti ageing treatment for the following conditions:

Crow’s feet:

Crow’s feet or ‘laughter lines’ are the wrinkles that appear at the outer side of your eyes. You may have them just when you smile, or you may have them even when your face is resting. We can help.

Wrinkled brows:

As we age, it’s common to see winkles appear. Wrinkled brows also known as frown lines are often most noticeable due to the fact that they are so close to the eyes.

Frown Lines:

Frowning, whether down to mood or from trying to avoid the sun’s glare can produce frown lines between your eyebrows. Some people have one, some have two and they can often be fairly deep-set.

What are the benefits for the Botox and Fillers procedure?

When Botox is injected into the muscle, it works to temporarily weaken it so that it can no longer cause the skin to crease or fold. When the muscles are hindered from working, the skin is able to relax.

Botox usually lasts for around four months, and after this time the muscles will begin gaining strength and skin will start to crease once more.

What happens during BOTOX AND FILLERS treatment?

Botox usually targets the nervous system, meddling the functioning process of the system. This paralyzes the muscle temporarily and for the muscle to contract a chemical messenger called acetylcholine is released in the meeting point of the nerve and the muscle. Botox stops the discharge of this chemical and helps the muscles to convert into less stiff.

Frequent Asked Questions

After Botox injections, roughly ten per cent of people have reported a headache within 24 hours. It is unclear whether these headaches are caused by the Botox itself. However, they don’t usually last long and most fade within 48 hours.

After a Botox treatment it’s important that you leave your face alone. Because the skin has been pierced, there is always a possibility of inflammation. With that in mind, we advise not to wear cosmetics, ideally for a good few hours after the treatment. This is to ensure the skin has time to heal properly.

When you choose Botox treatment at Dermiq antiageing treatment, your procedure will be carried out by a qualified medical professional. We use the smallest amount of Botox for anti-aging treatments such as wrinkles. There have been countless studies on Botox and they show Botox to be perfectly safe when used in the recommended amounts by trained professionals.

  • Botox is a quick and safe treatment, and it involves minimal disruption to your day-to-day life. However, after a procedure, we advise
  • Not to massage or rub the area where you had Botox injections for four hours after the procedure. This also includes facials
  • Do not do any strenuous activity/exercise until 24 hours after
  • Stay upright for four hours after your treatment, and do not lie on your front
  • Do not wear accessories such as headbands or tight hats that fit tightly across your forehead
  • Avoid alcohol or medication for blood thinning before the Botox treatment as these could contribute to bruising

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