, Microdermabrasion Treatment & Its Benefits, Dermiq Clinic

Are you one of those who wish to get better and brighter skin while looking in the mirror? Then your search for the skin treatment that will give you beautiful glowing skin might be a microdermabrasion procedure.

All your skin problems will slowly start to disappear, and you can see and feel the changes. It will make you more confident about yourself. In this article, there will be an elaborated discussion about the technique of best microdermabrasion treatment and things related to it.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a non invasive cosmetic procedure. The procedure is not at all painful, and maintains its safety standards. Microdermabrasion treatment is mostly done to make your skin tone even and remove all fine lines black spots along with other skin related problems.

The procedure can be performed on any skin type. People mostly opt for microdermabrasion when they experience problems with their complexion on the face and neck region. If you choose a skin specialist who has years of experience, then he or she can perform the procedure at any part of the body.

, Microdermabrasion Treatment & Its Benefits, Dermiq Clinic

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What is the Procedure of Microdermabrasion?

As mentioned earlier, the process is not at all harmful. In most cases, sprays are used, but some dermatologists also use crystals that are applied on the skin. However, these crystals or spray that exfoliates the skin. In this way, the damaged and dull top layer of the skin is removed.

How Long Will the Treatment Last?

The first and foremost thing that you need to know before proceeding ahead  with microdermabrasion is that the result of the treatment is not permanent. To treat your skin with microdermabrasion, the specialist usually takes 20 minutes on the neck region, and for the face, it usually takes 30 to 40 minutes.

If you are a young age, and the skin is primed properly then you can instantly see improvements on your skin. However, people having sensitive skin may experience little itching that can occur after the procedure. To avoid that, inform your dermatologist or skin specialist about the skin problems that you might have.

At Dermiq, our highly skilled experts who have over 20 years of experience focus on providing the complete details and right advice for the treatment of the patients. We aim to primarily focus on giving the best treatment in order to enhance your self-confidence with the beauty you carry.

Results and Recovery for Microdermabrasion

Once microdermabrasion for beautiful flawless skin is performed the results will soon be visible on the skin. After the procedure, the complexion of the skin will appear smoother and brighter compared to the skin before the treatment. However, the dullness of skin tone will be reduced or vanished as the inner glowing enriches on the skin.

Skin tone and the texture of the skin will become even which will make your face or other areas on the body look smooth. Fine lines and wrinkles appear automatically with growing age. Few spots also appear on the skin with time. Now with a microdermabrasion treatment, all the age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles can be reduced without damaging your skin.

Acne often leaves real and black spots on the skin. Thus, best microdermabrasion treatment is capable of reducing these two skin problems.

Other than that, melasma, which is a very common skin-related issue can also be treated with microdermabrasion. The condition is more prevalent in women compared to men. With the help of microdermabrasion, the brown spots that appear on the skin of the temple, nose, and cheeks can be reduced easily.

Old scars on your skin can be treated successfully by our certified dermatologist or skin specialist by performing microdermabrasion.

There is no downtime for micro derma abrasion. It is a office procedure.

Wrapping Up

If you are seeking smoother and brighter skin, then you should go for microdermabrasion. At Dermiq, our skin care professionals will explain you in detial before performing the procedure to know about the problems of yours.

To make your skin look younger and boost your self-esteem. Book an appointment now with our experts who will help you perform  microdermabrasion for beautiful flawless skin at a reasonable rate.


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