Anti acne peel

What are skin pores?

Tiny dots on the skin are open pores that are dilated opening for hair follicles to excrete sebum or oils. These are used for removing toxins from the skin and maintaining the body temperature.

Why do skin pores become large?

When excessive sebum is secreted and that is clogged in the pores of the skin, they enlarge and cause infection and acne.

How to treat large skin pores?

There are a range of treatments available at Dermiq to treat large skin pores effectively. Depending on the skin condition our skin experts may prescribe either or more of the below treatments


Chemical Peels

Plant based organic solutions are administered on your skin in clinical conditions. These result in controlled exfoliation of your skin



ow fluence targeted beam of light are passed through your skin destroying the damaged skin cells thus forming new collagen



Thousands of micro needles are used to puncture the skin thus stimulating collagen production & instigating new skin formation.

Can home remedies help in treating large skin pores?

Home remedies can aggravate your open pores causing severe effects on your skin like outbreak and scars. Natural remedies or old school theories are not just ineffective but also result in worsening of your skin condition. There are no studies or theories which prove any of the home remedy or over-night treatment was ever successful on large open skin pores. So do not fall prey to these gimmicks and visit an expert to treat your skin effectively.

Why Dermiq for treating large skin pores?

Dermiq brings world-class treatments and expert dermatologists to help treat large skin pores effectively. Our treatments are guided by stringent protocols and we follow highest levels of hygiene and care for our clients. We bring best in class treatments at affordable prices in your city.