Anti Acne treatment

Acne is highly treatable and manageable at Dermiq Clinic; we have some of the best Anti Acne Skin Peels available. 

The Anti Acne Peel is one of the most effective peel treatments available for acne with excellent results including the following:

  • Deeply cleanses the skin and follicles of dirt, debris and oil.
  • Reduces breakouts and clogged pores.
  • Effectively reduces inflammation

What are the preparations and instructions during the treatment?

  • Before your first treatment you will have a consultation with one of our highly qualified team, who will take you through the process in detail.
  • Our Skin Therapist will start by cleansing your skin twice. 
  • The first cleanse will remove any dirt or make-up sitting on the skin, the second is designed to reduce pustules and papules.
  • A balm is then applied to protect the skin.
  • Then Anti Acne Peel is applied up to three times depending on comfort level and necessity

What are the benefits of our Anti Acne Peel ?


Deeply exfoliating, penetrates right down into the follicle


Controls inflamed pustules and redness associated with blemishes


Acts as an effective anti-inflammatory, boosting the skin’s response to sensitising factors


Increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture


As with all acne treatments, you will see results after one peel but we highly recommend


undertaking a full course to get the best results.

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. During your peel you will experience a warm and tingling sensation. Some of our clients say this feels slightly uncomfortable, due to the heat, but not overtly painful.
  2. Directly after your Anti Acne Peel you may experience some redness, this will fade within 24 hours
  3. Three to six days following your peel you can expect some skin flaking; please do not exfoliate this as your skin will be sensitive.
  4. As with all acne treatments you may experience a breakout following the peel, this is the pores being naturally cleansed and will lessen after each treatment. 
  5. Total recovery time, including peels and breakout could be seven to ten days.
  6. You will be given complete after care post the treatment

Acne largely affects the face, chest, shoulder, and back region, but may also spread to other areas. Acne is more common in teenagers but now a day more and more adults and elderly are visiting dermatologists with breakouts. 

Some people are more prone to acne than others are. Genetics and hereditary conditions play an equally important role along with hormonal changes. These risk factors include –

  • Hormonal changes – Girls and boys around puberty are more at risk of developing acne due to rushed hormonal imbalances. 
  • Girls or women with PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Heredity – Genetics have a major role in occurrence of acne. If both your parents suffered acne then you are more likely to have them. 
  • Harsh chemicals and oil-based cosmetics – Greasy and chemical ridden cosmetics or skin products are more likely to leave acne on your skin. Always use non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, and natural products for your skin as prescribed by your dermatologist. 

Early and right treatment plan for acne can help prevent formation of marks and scars or severe forms of acne. Scars are not just unsightly but also have permanent effects on skin, so it is recommended to visit an expert dermatologist as early as possible and begin your acne treatment effectively. 

Home remedies can aggravate your acne and cause severe outbreak on your skin and sometimes causes irritant dermatitis. Natural remedies or old school theories are not just ineffective but also result in worsening of your acne condition. There are no studies or theories which prove any of the home remedy or over-night treatment for acne was ever successful. So do not fall prey to these gimmicks and visit an expert to treat your acne effectively.

The cost of acne treatment varies based on treatment types and severity of acne on your skin. The more severe is the acne, more sessions or combination of treatments may be prescribed. With Dermiq you can be rest assured that best quality treatments will be administered at affordable price that are competitive in the region.

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