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What are moles, warts and other skin tags and how are they formed?

Moles are the fleshy non-cancerous outgrowths or lesions on the sin that are very common. These are brown to black in colour and painless. Moles are formed as a result of cluster growth in skin cells. These skin cells or melanocytes are responsible for skin colour. Moles are usually small and lighter in colour when formed but as we age they grow in size and their colour deepens.

Warts are small textured outgrowth on the skin appearing like blisters. They are caused by HPV or human papillomavirus. They affect different parts of the body and are of various types – plain warts, filiform warts, common warts, plantar warts.

Skin tags are stalk kind of fleshy outgrowths on the skin often in the colour of the skin. These are commonly found in adults on armpits, neck, eyelids, breasts and groin region. They are benign and painless mostly found in obese adults. The causes of skin tags are unknown.

DPN or Dermatosis papulosa nigra are small skin coloured benign lesions commonly seen on face and neck. 

How to examine moles to rule out cancer?

Check for the ABCDE while examining a mole for warnings signs –

A-  Asymmetry – If one half of the moles is not matching the other half and it is asymmetric

B-  Border – The edges or border of the mole is blurry or irregular

C-  Colour – If colour of the mole is not uniform and has shades of tan and brown or other deeper colour

D-  Diameter – the diameter is larger than 5mm

E-  Evolution – If the mole is changing in shape, size or colour. If it is symptomatic like pain or discharge or increasing in size. 

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What do moles, warts and skin tags look like? How to distinguish between skin tags, moles and warts?


  • Deep under the skin
  • Soft and fleshy
  • Not contagious
  • Brown to black in colour
  • Can appear anywhere on the skin


  • Deep under the skin
  • Rough texture
  • Contagious
  • Colour of the skin
  • More common on hands, feet and face

Skin Tags

  • On the skin surface
  • Soft skin
  • Not contagious
  • Skin colour
  • Neck, chest, armpits, groin, back and breasts

How to treat moles or nevi?

There are a range of treatments available at Dermiq for mole removal. Depending on the size and skin condition the detmatologist may recommend either or more of the below treatments

, Warts and Moles, Dermiq Clinic

Radio Cautery or Radio Frequency

It causes the passage of radio waves into the skin to perform the removal if lesions. RF uses low temperature, high frequency energy radio waves to cauterize the warts. 

, Warts and Moles, Dermiq Clinic

Punch Excision

A small pen shaped tool is used by dermatologists to punch the mole region. Local anesthesia may be administered and skin is closed up from sides after the treatment

, Warts and Moles, Dermiq Clinic

Laser Resurfacing

 Also known as skin resurfacing treatment, it helps in removing the mole on the affected skin. Controlled beams of laser light are passed through the skin targeting the affected area.

Can skin tags be removed permanently?

Yes skin tags can be removed permanently by any of the below treatments –

  • Excision – Using special tools to cut off the skin tags with minimal pain, so newer tissues are formed which are even and free from tags, when the skin heals naturally
  • RF or radio frequency 

Are home remedies effective in treating moles, wart and other skin tags?

Home remedies can aggravate your moles, warts and other skin tags and cause severe effects on your skin. Natural remedies or old school theories are not just ineffective but also result in worsening of your skin condition. There are no studies or theories which prove any of the home remedy or over-night treatment was ever successful on these skin outgrowths. So do not fall prey to these gimmicks and visit an expert to treat examine these and prevent cancerous outgrowths.

Why Dermiq for mole, wart and skin tag removal?

Dermiq brings world-class treatments and expert dermatologists to help remove moles, warts and other skin tags effectively. Our treatments are guided by stringent protocols and we follow highest levels of hygiene and care for our clients. We bring best in class treatments at affordable prices in your city.

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