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Every woman wishes to have beautiful and healthy looking skin. However, factors like free radicals, hormone shifts and sun exposure can harm your skin and cause dark patches and pigmentation. The term skin whitening treatment is often referred to as fairness, lightning, and polishing, dull skin treatment typically refers to achieving fair skin using a variety of techniques, including laser, peels, lotions, injections, and medications, depending on the situation of the patient. Your skin may frequently get dark owing to a variety of causes like sun exposure, lifestyle choices like smoking, hormonal fluctuations, and more. Therefore, whatever the cause, skin whitening treatment at Dermiq Clinic offers a unique strategy that delivers the desired effects.

What is Skin Whitening?
Skin-whitening treatment
is a method by which some people bring down the melanin pigment in the skin to attain a whiter complexion. A person with a dark complexion tends to have more melanin as the quantity of melanin in your body regulates the color of your skin. It is produced by a cell called a melanocyte. The quality of melanin depends upon the genetics of a person. Its production is influenced by the degree of damaged skin, and exposure to the chemicals and sun. The treatment is done with the help of a molecule called Glutathione; this substance reduces the enzyme that causes melanin production in your body. Glutathione is antioxidant that is beneficial for the human body as it refines your skin complexion, both in and out! It is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system and is also beneficial for building and repairing tissues
Apart from the motive to get the desired skin tone some people take dull skin treatment as an option to
also deal with issues such as:
. Acne
. Age spots
. Birthmarks
. Freckles
. Moles
. Scars

The Procedure of Skin Lightening Treatment
At Dermiq Clinic, you’re introduced to a wide range of safe, tested, and proven skin lightening treatment alternatives that provide desired results. Our experts initiate with analyzing your medical history and understanding the reason for your issue. Dermiq, emphasizes steering clear of all sorts of aggressive treatments that can do more harm than good while making sure to bless you with naturally gorgeous and graceful skin that is healthy and radiant at the same time. Are there any side effects of skin lightening treatment? The dermatologists at Dermiq Clinic suggest following some precautions before starting a skin whitening treatment. So, you need to make sure you follow all the given bits of advice.

The dull skin treatment can cause some side effects post the treatment like:

. Minor bruising
. Irritation
. Pigmentation
. Sensitivity to sunlight
. Skin dryness
. Skin infections
. Skin texture difference
. Swelling
. Tightness

Skin lightening treatment costs in Hyderabad

The cost of the treatment varies based on the type of treatment you are opting for, the clinic or the dermatologist you get treated with, etc. The cost of skin lightening treatments in Hyderabad ranges from 30,000 to 60,000.

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